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Old Abode of the Ko Clan in Dajhou

(The text is extracted from National Tainan Living Art Center / Village / Mr. Lu Chien- te)
The Old Abode of the Ko Clan is situated at the back of Bao An Gong (village temple). The old abode is an 80-year-old traditional Minnan-style Sanheyuan building (open courtyard) built by Ko Chueh-sing during the Japanese occupation. The wooden architecture reveals the meticulous and dedicated craftsmanship of the artisans back in the good old days. The circular archways are carved in detail; the house is decorated with painted walls, wooden pillars, and engraved poetry. The original beauty of the decorated window panels, enameled tiles, and mosaics have been preserved. Patches of moss on the walls also reveal the touches of history of the Ko Family. Dajhou abode of the Ko Clan is a unique piece of traditional Chinese architecture, and provides yet another site of cultural discovery after the old abode of the Chang Clan in Dashe.

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Old Abode of the Ko Clan in Dajhou

Old Abode of the Ko Clan in Dajhou