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Singangshe Local Culture Museum

Singangshe Regional Culture Museum is located on the first floor of Singang Tang and is part of the original plans for building Singang Tang. The location is close to Haititang Harbor of old Taijiang Lagoon as well as the largest Siraya settlement of the Pingpu people in Singangshe. In order to commemorate this period of history, the location was thus renamed as Singangshe Local Culture Museum.
The museum was opened to public visitors in May, 2008, and was designed as a Local cultural museum that integrates both religious and cultural aspects instead of maintain- ing traditional temple layouts. The first floor is used as a cultural activity center where general and special exhibit areas are on display. The general exhibits display elements of Siraya history of the Pingpu people and relevant archaeological findings, present the historical and cultural features and elements of Sinshih District, as well as improve pub- lic awareness for Siraya culture and history in Singangshe. Exhibits also cover the immigration and development of Han settlements, providing a review on the origins of Sinshih District while serving as a vantage point to the present and future of a new technological and cultural age. The special exhibits periodically display famous artworks in the area. Works include Chinese paintings, Western paintins, calligraphy pieces, and photography. Pieces by art students of Sinshih District are also on display, al- lowing the Cultural Hall to offer a place where award-winning works created by student artists can be exhibited. Singangshe Local Culture Museum therefore plays a critical role in promoting art and culture in Sinshih District.

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Singangshe Local Culture Museum

Singangshe Local Culture Museum