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Yingsi Lake

Yingsi Lake is located close to Singangshe Avenue and is the first to receive the rising sun (hence the name of Yingsi, meeting the rising sun) of every promising morning with open arms.
The stretch of route from National Highway No. 1 northwards connecting National Highway No. 8 to Southern Taiwan Science Park Singangshe Avenue connecting the Park would be the busiest during rush hours. Such heavy traffic serves a symbol of the energetic optimism of those working in the Southern Taiwan Science Park. A large public artwork made of steel titled Wucai Yingbing (Dancing Colors to Welcome our Guests) is placed right next to Yingsi Lake. The long flying ribbons are colored in yellow, blue, and green, with yellow symbolising the sun and respect, blue symbolising the sky as well as the warm hospitali- ty of southern Taiwan, and green representing the natural ecology of Yingsi Lake. This ven- ue serves as the perfect place where workers in high tech industries could take a break and readjust their pace accordingly.

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Yingsi Lake

Yingsi Lake