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Southern Taiwan Science Park - Archaeological Exhibit

Since the implementation of archaeological measures in Southern Taiwan Science Park in 1996, a number of ancient ruins and site remains have been found inside the Park. In order to instill in the citizens a sense of awareness and appreciation of the cultural meaning behind these unearthed artifacts, as well as to enhance the importance of preservation of valuable cultural assets, Southern Taiwan Science Park Artifact Exhibit also displays a series of pictures as well as archaeological remains supported by extensive textual descriptions and guided tours.
According to chronological data, archaeological remains around Southern Taiwan Science Park and its vicinity can be traced back to 4800 years ago, while the latest artifacts could be traced back to about 200 years ago. Since the land was at the side of the Jianan Plain and between Zengwun River and Yanshui River, the site remains would be quickly covered with rapid buildup of alluvial deposits, which greatly impeded archaeological studies. Hence, archaeological diggings, engineering surveillance, or active drilling would constantly unearth new remains. These archaeological remains span some 4500 years and readily reflect unique cultural features of different eras.

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Southern Taiwan Science Park - Archaeological Exhibit

Southern Taiwan Science Park - Archaeological Exhibit