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Houdian Beijidian

Houdian Beijidian (North Pole Temple of Houdian) originated as Syuantian Shangdi Miao (Temple of the High Emperor of the Mysterious Heavens) of Dashe settlement first constructed during the reign of Cing Emperor Kangsi. The temple has over 300 years of history to date, and is known for its simple, elegant, and traditional architecture. The temple has witnessed the development and growth of Dashe settlement, and is now currently undergoing renovations.
Houdian Beijidian was first built during the reign of Cing Emperor Kangsi and has over 300 years of history, making it the earliest Shangdi Miao (Temple to the High Emperor) in Tainan City after Tainan Kaiji Beijidian (the first Beijidian of Tainan, which is now modern day Da Shangdi Miao on Mincyuan Road of Tainan City). The Temple now offers seats for Da Shangdi, Er Shangdi, San Shangdi, Si Shangdi (the Great, Second, Third, and Fourth High Emperors), and Baoshengdi (Life Protection Emperor). The birthdays of the Emperors would be on the 2nd and 15th Days of the 3rd month respectively.

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Houdian Beijidian

Houdian Beijidian