Sinshih District

Local features

The North has Hsinchu Science Park, while Tainan has Southern Taiwan Science Park at Sinshih. In order to ensure a balanced development of northern and southern Taiwan, district residences were determined to ensure the successful establishment of Southern Taiwan Science Park. In February, 1995, the government finally approved the establishment of Tainan Science Park. The influx of high tech firms in Sinshih serves as a herald to the region's great future prospects.

The Southern Taiwan Science Park covers 1038 hectares, of which 568 hectares is with- in Sinshih District. A total of 3283 hectares around the Park has been approved and des- ignated as the special development zone (70% being within this District), providing immense development potential for Sinshih District.

Sun Yat-sen Freeway, Highway 2, Eastwest expressways, and Provincial Highway 1 converge at Sinshih District, making it a highly accessible traffic hub in the Greater Tainan region. The 50-meter wide Siraya Avenue from Southern Taiwan Science Park to Provincial Highway 1 serves as a symbol of pride for the new Tainan citizen with Pingpu heritage. The future is not just about hightech industries, but ancestral and cultural assets as well. Sinshih District shall be reborn as one of the richest district in Tainan and the rising star of the entire region, bringing with it immense prospects and potential.

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