Sinshih District

Introduction to the Villages

Population is growing rapidly in Sinshih District. The district is provided with compre- hensive public infrastructure and good public security. Sinshih District is divided into 11 villages and 263 neighborhoods. The following describes the various villages: Sanshe Village: This village is located close to Tainan Science Park and the north-south railway, and is undergoing urbanisation and industrial developments.
Dashe Village: This is a special cultural zone of Sinshih District. Dongshi Beiji Dian (North Pole Temple at Dongshi) is located in this village.
Dajhou Village: A traditional agricultural settlement, Dajhou Village is famous for its miniature watermelons.
Daying Village: It is an agricultural village that is close to many industrial plants, thus, offering employment opportunities.
Yongjiu Village: This village is where Far East University is located.
Shenei Village: This is an agricultural village right next to Tainan Science Park.
Gangcian Village: This village is the location of Chiu Yung-han Industrial Park (now renamed as Sinshih Industrial Park) that offers numerous employment opportunities. Sinshih Village: This is the location of the district administration buildings. The Village is densely populated, with most people engaged in commerce and trading.
Sinhe Village: This densely populated area is the home of bustling industrial and com- mercial establishments, making it the most prosperous area of Sinshih District. Tanding Village: This is an agricultural village bearing many types of produce. Fenghua Village: The Tainan Science Park planning office is located in this village.


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