Sinshih District

Government agencies and groups

Government agency in the district

Name of the agency Address Telephone
Sinshih District Office No. 12, Jhongxing Street, Sinshih District 5994711
Sinshih District Household Registration Office No. 242, Guanghua Street, Sinshih District 5993582
Sinshih Fire Department No. 230, Minsheng Road, Sinshih District 5993119
Sinshih Courthouse No. 12, Fuciang Road, Sinshih District 5998959
Sinshih Library No. 193, Minzu Road, Sinshih District 5997340
Sinshih Social and Cultural Education Building No. 1, Lane 16, Fuqiang Road, Sinshih District 5999840
Sinshih Health Center No. 12, Jhongsing Street, Sinshih District 5992504
Sinshih Dispatch Office No. 2, Fusing Road, Sinshih District 5993019

Elementary and high schools in the district

Name of the school Address Telephone Website
Sinshih Elementary School No. 1, Jhongsing Street Sinshih District 744 06-5992895 www.sinses.tn.edu.tw/index.php
Dashe Elementary School No. 39, Dashe Village, Sinshih District 06-5991593 www.dsps.tn.edu.tw/
Sinshih Junior High School No. 76, Minzu Road, Sinshih District 06-5991420 www.ssjhs.tn.edu.tw/
National Nanke International Experimental High School No. 6, Lane 12, Dashun 6th Road, Sanshe Village, Sinshih District 06-5052916 (Junior High)
06-5052627 (Elementary School)

Other agencies

Name of the agency Address Telephone
Shinshih Train Station No. 1, Jhonghua Road, Sinshih District 5996911
Taiwan Power Company Sinshih Service Station No. 21, Jhongsing Street, Sinshih District 5993172
Sinshih Post Office No. 217, Renai Street, Sinshih District 5993205
Southern Taiwan Science Park Management Office No. 3, Nanke 3rd Road, Sinshih District 5051001

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