Sinshih District


Farming, aquaculture, and animal rearing

Farming, aquaculture, and animal rearing
Sinshih District is situated to the south of the Tropic of Cancer and has a sub-tropical climate. The district receives plenty of rain and is blessed with gentle topography and fertile soil, making it naturally suited for the practice of agriculture. A total of 2760 hectares of land is available for cultivation, growing paddy, sugarcane for sugar production, pineapples, broccoli, and watermelons. Before the Southern Taiwan Science Park started acquiring large patches of agricultural land, Sinshih used to have the largest area of edamame beans in Taiwan. Sinshih District Government would organise the annual Edamame Festival celebrations between October and November to support the edamame harvesting season. The Festival would include edamame princess selection, edamame baby DIY, innovative culinary competition, tasting of processed edamame, and other marketing events. Edamame beans are perfect in stir-fries, soup, or even ice cream. Visitors arriving at Sinshih during late autumn and early winter are welcome to savor the taste of Taiwanese edamame beans. Additionally, the District Office is also in- terested in reviving the fame of Sinshih's lianwu (wax apples), thus, greatly encouraging district residents to plant white wax apples in order to re-establish the region as the first choice for the best wax apples.

White wax apples


Baolan Watermelon


Most fisheries rear freshwater fish species. However, the total area of aquaculture ponds is quite small and decreasing every year.

Industry and commerce

Dispersed industries: Large-scale dispersed industries include Uni-President Sinshih Factory, Chiaher Industrial Company, and De Licacy Industrial Company.


Sinshih Industrial Park: There are currently 33 industries and companies located in the Park.


Southern Taiwan Science Park: Southern Taiwan Science Park currently has issued permits for 138 companies, of which 77 has begun mass production.