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District Executive

Supervises district governance; commands and supervises all subordinate staff mem- bers.

Chief Secretary

Acts as a deputy to deals with affairs delegated by the District Chief.

Civil affairs, Community and Cultural Section

In charge of autonomous administration, elections, district-level disaster prevention and relief, management of community activity centers, promote environmental health advocacy, provides mediation services, burial services, folk customs and religious rituals, ancestor worship guilds, national service administration, land administration, 37.5% arable rent reduction, civil defense, non-urban land control, indigenous and Hakka affairs, library management, national education, athletics, culture and arts, celebrations and festivals, heritage sites and historical documents, tourism promotion and other civil admin- istration and cultural affairs.

Social Affairs Section

In charge of social administration and support, social welfare and development, medical support, emergency and disaster assistance, support for medium- and low-income households, and National Health Insurance. Provides counseling for social groups, as- sists with homeless shelter and consultation, and is involved in community care and support, public charity, and deals with victim shelters and settlement and handles matters regarding senior citizens without supporting relatives. In charge of labor force administration, employment counseling, and other social administration tasks.
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Agricultural and Construction Section

In charge of agricultural, forestry, fishery, and animal-rearing studies and management. Promotes agriculture, civil engineering, traffic management, waterworks and road construction, building construction, maintenance, street lamps and road trees management, construction of sports halls and activity centers. Deals with investigation and reporting of illegal construction, park maintenance and management, parking lot management, industry and commerce management, and other agricultural and construction affairs.

General Affairs Section

In charge of documentation, seals, records, routine affairs, meetings, billing, evaluation and research, information, legal affairs, public relations, and other affairs that are not section specific.

Personnel Office

Implement human resource management according to law.

Accounting Office

Implement annual budgets, accounting, and compile statistics according to law.

Civil Service Ethics Office

Implement civil service ethics affairs according to law.