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Overview of Local Traffic

Sinshih District is extremely accessible. In addition to the north-south line of the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA), the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) also passes through this district (the two rail lines would intersect at the south side of Sinshih District train station, but no THSR station has been built within the District), road traffic include Freeway No. 1, Freeway No. 3, and Freeway No. 8. Provincial highways include Provincial Highway 1, and Provincial Highway 19A. All of these roads provide convenient routes for both northbound and southbound travelers.

On average, it takes less than 1 hour to travel from Sinshih District to any other district in Tainan City, making the Sinshih the perfect traffic hub in Greater Tainan. Sinshih District is also a popular contender for the locale of the new city government building.

Since Sinshih Train Station is located at the southern edge and faces the downtown area, the third Overall Review of Sinshih Urbanization Plans made special plans to develop the land to the north of the train station. A northern exit has also been planned in order to reverse the developmental axis near the train station. The aim is to provide convenient traveling options while safeguarding the safety of commuters living in the downtown areas of Sinshih area.

District Office Location

Sinshih District Office is located at downtown Sinshih, and is diagonally opposite Sinshih District Household Registration Office and Sinshih Elementary School.


How do you get to Sinshih?


Public Transport:

1. Take the greater Tainan buses of Sing-Nan Bus company for the Yujing branch route or Lioujia route from Tainan to Provincial Highway 1 to Xinying route (alight at Sinshih street bus stop), walk along Zhongzheng Road or Ren'ai Street and turn to Zhongxing Street to reach this District Office.
2. THSR → Alight at Tainan THSR station, and take the TRA Shalun Line to Southern Taiwan Science Park Station, and take a taxi.
3. TRA (train)
    Southern Taiwan Science Park Station
    Xinshi Station

By Car:

1. Get off at Freeway No. 8 and make a turn to Fuqiang Road, make a left turn to Zhongzheng Road, then finally make a right turn at Zhongxing Street to reach the destination.
2. Get off at Sun Yat-sen Freeway, go along Provincial Highway 1, and make a left turn at Guanghua Street to reach the destination.